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This Is Becky


Knowing Becky Conrad is a joy, as her friends and acquaintances will attest too. When I think of Becky, I see a strong, talented, and creatve woman. And her blindness is hardly noticeable; she's so busy living her life with a grace that sighted people find hard to come by. Becky, husband Bobby and son Josh make their home in Braxton County, West Virginia. Here, along with the aid of her trusty guide dog Amos she operates her own green house business, Butterfly Gardens, and of course, she writes. 


What can I say of Becky’s writing? She’s good, multi-published, an award winning author and she doesn’t quit. Lately she's revising and working edits on an already completed romantic suspense novel, in preparation for submission. Now I call that determination with a capital ‘D’.


Unfortunately, on January 1, 2007, her world, and ours, changed with a swift and silent shattering. Becky was diagnosed with Primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma.* This means it occurs in the lymph system of the brain, spinal cord, and eyes. Tests have confirmed that Becky only has it in her brain. It is a very fast moving cancer, and life expectancy without treatment is 1 to 3 months. Currently, the most successful treatments are large doses of Methotrexate and other chemotherapy drugs. As of this writing (January 30, 2007) Becky is in her second round of chemo, in which she gets 9,000 milligrams of Methotrexate in a 24-hour period. Each round of chemotherapy lasts for six days, and then she gets two weeks to recuperate before going for the next round. Becky is young and healthy, and both factors favor her recovery. The biggest issue of primary CNS lymphoma is that since the cancer isn't removed, it often comes back. Studies are underway to find better methods of dealing with recurrent tumors. Why do these things occur especially to wonderful people like Becky who already cope with so much? No one really knows but it did happen to her.


It’s truly unbelievable. We as fellow writers wanted to do something. We wanted to reach out and do everything we could think of to help. To surround her with all the support we could muster. And that’s how the idea of creating this website for Becky came to be. It’s here for everyone who knows Becky to communicate with her and each other, keep up to date on her progress, share stories and ideas relating to her, and most of all, to help with love and support.


We can all help in many ways. We can flood Becky and her family with letters, cards and comforting well wishes. We can post on the website’s Connections Blog, staying informed and sharing. But most of all we can send Becky and her family the financial help they so much need at this time. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.


The way to contribute is: Send a check payable to Bobby Conrad in care of Karin Fuller at Charleston Newspapers, 1001 Virginia Street, East, Charleston, WV 25301; or send it directly to their address listed below.


Thanks to everyone for your concern, interest and help. You don’t know how much we as friends and family are grateful and thankful for it.


All our love and prayers go out to Becky.



Becky at Butterfly Gardens


"I just wanted to tell everyone that I had a clear MRI yesterday. He said there's some scarring a little swelling and I go back one month for another MRI to make sure. Right now he believes I'm cancer free.  Love, Becky"

Posted to Write Your Heart Out Romance Writer's Group on 5-15-07. 




Read Becky's latest entry to her online recovery journal at In Her Own Words.

Becky is a member of the Romance Writers online critique group Write Your Heart Out, and West Virginia Writers, Inc.

Special Gifts and Events

  • Writer/editor Sandy Tritt has made a great offer. Anyone who makes a donation, no matter how small (and yes, even $2 counts), may download a free copy of my Tips and Techniques Workbook. I'm going to put this on the honor system so I don't have to send links over and over. Just go to: Download the version (Word, Works, RTF) that works for you. I do not need to be notified of donations. I will also donate $5 to Becky for each sale of my latest book, Everything I Know. Let me know if you want it autographed. To order go to: To order by mail send $12.95 (check or money order) to: Sandy Tritt, 1527 18th Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101.

  • Sue Loyd is planning a Benefit Dinner in Braxton County on Becky’s behalf. Entertainment and a Silent Auction will also be included. She is looking for people to volunteer in whatever way they can. To volunteer or for information about time and place contact Sue: Phone: 304 765-7602 or 304 689-7717.


Leave messages at Connections Blog. Becky would love to hear from everyone.  View her journey to recovery at:   In Her Own Words. Visit Author's Spotlight for a look at her writing. See what other writers say at Musings... And please sign the Guestbook.

If you would like to contact Becky her address is: Rt 1 Box 16, Orlando, WV 26412. Her email is: .      

Questions about The Becky Conrad Fund? Contact Karin at: 


*Research on primary CNS lymphoma contributed by Chris Kuell



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